Time away


With my babies on the lake ~ Amy

Sorry. I haven’t had much time to give a report as of late. What with the crazy atmosphere at my 9-5 job, the crazy here with AB Petcare, and with the health of one of my own dogs, I’ve had a lot to deal with. As for my 9-5, it is what it is, as they say, so it doesn’t bear mentioning, so I’ll let it go.

As for my dog Billy, I had to put him to sleep back on the 7th of this month. For those of you how don’t know, he had a neurological degenerative disease that took his ability to walk. He endured it for over a year, but at last the pain became too great, his quality of life diminished to the point where I could no longer bear to see him suffer. It’s one of the hardest things to do as a pet owner and an animal lover. I’ll miss Billy. Check out my friend’s blog to see more about Billy.

Right now I’m enjoying some time away from everything, visiting friends up in Minnesota. I brought Pearl and Marley with me, and although it took two days to get there, and although the drive gave them cabin fever, they are now enjoying the time away from home as well. Pretty soon we’ll have to leave the cabin on lake and make the trek back to civilization, but right now I’m enjoying my much needed vacation time. Hopefully, I will begin to put in regular posts as to what’s happening at AB Petcare, but for now I’m taking a break. See you soon.


The view from my porch ~ Amy


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