The continuing adventures of AB and friends

Jasper, one of our rescues. (Photo Amy Ebert)

Jasper, one of our rescues. (Photo Amy Ebert)

It took 2 volunteers to get all 4 of the dogs to the meeting place, where I had to get all 4 into my car (They soon became known as “The Texas 4”). My friend Joe was nice enough to go with me to help out, but he ended up having to ride with one dog in the front passenger seat with him. My car will only hold 2 large crates, so 2 dogs were in crates and one was in the space left between the crates. It was totally insane, but somehow we were able to make it home in one piece.

This is when I realized that I really needed to get my facilities built so that I can house this many rescues. These 4 put me up to 6 rescue dogs at one time. The 2 puppies were able to stay in the house with my dogs, but the 4 had to be strategically placed. I definitely didn’t have the room at my new place, so I had to keep one dog (Buddy) in my yard at my old house (8 miles away) and one dog (Beau) in a dog run at my old house. I had to drive back and forth several times a day to feed, water, exercise and play with them. I kept Gunner in the small fenced in area that’s not up against the new house, and since Jordan had all of his shots, he stayed in my backyard (which caused problems for the 7 dogs I had in my house because I would have to put Jordan in a crate before I could let them all outside to avoid any conflicts.

The fun part came when I had to take all 6 dogs to the vet in one day to get their health certificates to be able to take a transport to Colorado & Washington. Since I had to do this alone and could only get 2 crates in my car at a time. I had to make a lot of trips back and forth from my new house, my old house, the vet clinic in Leonard and the vet clinic in Greenville. I drove about 150 miles that day just to get all of their health certificates!

I had Finn & Fiona for 17 days and The Texas 4 for 10 days. Then the day came that I had to get them to the transport, which was 2 hours away. I knew there was no way to get all 6 there by myself, so I turned to FB to help me and sure enough a friend of a friend was willing to drive from McKinney to Bailey to help me take all of the dogs to the transport. All went well and we got them on the transport van and sent them on their way. During the 17 days I had the puppies, I had really bonded with Finn and I cried when they drove away!

I only got one day of rest & relaxation (not really, but compared to when I had the 6 rescues, it seemed pretty relaxing) before I got my next rescue, Brandy. (To be continued in the next “rambling”.)

And did I say earlier that on most of these rescues, I have to take them to get their shots, get them spayed or neutered and take them in to get health certificates (the rescue group or sponsor pays the vet bills, but I cover the gas and wear & tear on my car)?

  • Sadie – vaccinations, health certificate (couldn’t be spayed due to heartworms)
  • Jasper – vaccinations, neutered, health certificate
  • Finn & Fiona – vaccinations, health certificate (too young to be spayed & neutered)
  • Texas 4 – vaccinations, health certificates
  • Brandy – vaccinations, health certificate
  • Skylar – health certificate
  • Sonnia – nothing (only had for 2 or 3 days and she came with everything she needed)
  • So far on Mickey & Minnie – spayed & neutered (already had vaccinations)



2 comments on “The continuing adventures of AB and friends

    • Yes, I would love to have a vehicle that I could turn into a “transport van”! But, right now all of my money is going towards getting the facility fixed up so that I have comfortable places for the rescue dogs to stay while waiting to go to their rescue groups or foster homes. I do hope to have a transport van one day though! 🙂

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