Just a typical day

So, Sadie had her puppies and won’t be able to find a forever home until the puppies are weened.

Jasper has been adopted and going to a great new home!

When I was on my way to take Sadie & Jasper to get on a transport van to go up to Colorado, I got a call from Emily at Summit Dog Rescue (http://www.summitdogrescue.org/index.html) asking if I could board 2 black flatties that she wanted to rescue from the Garland shelter.

Finn and Fiona in  the front seat (Photo Amy Ebert)

Finn and Fiona in the front seat (Photo Amy Ebert)

So, I picked up Finn & Fiona from the shelter on Monday. They were so scared that they stuffed themselves under the back seat in my car. It was so sad that I had to stop, get out of my car, pull them out and get them comfortable in the front passenger seat so that I could pet them while driving the 2 hour drive home.

When we got them home, they were still very nervous and would hide under my desk. But it didn’t take them long to fit right in with my own babies. Marley, my one year old black lab mix, really took to them and showed them the ropes.

The potty training went pretty well, with Fiona only having a few accidents and Finn having none at all. Fiona hated sleeping in a crate at night, so I decided to let them sleep in my room with me and just keep my door shut. They always crawled under my bed and would sleep through the whole night without any accidents!

We had Finn & Fiona for 17 days, and I actually cried when I had to put them on the transport van. I grew very attached to them, especially Finn who would let me hold him like a baby and he would snuggle with me for as long as I wanted him to!

Exactly one week after taking Finn & Fiona in, I got a call about taking in another group of rescue dogs. I pretty much told them that I didn’t have room (at that time they had 3 that needed boarding – all without vaccinations), and wasn’t set up to have that many rescue dogs. At 4:45 they called me again and were very desperate. These dogs were going to be killed in the morning and they had a rescue group, Western Australian Shepherd Rescue (http://www.westernaustralianshepherdrescue.com/index.html), who was willing to take them in, but needed someone to board them.

After much begging, I finally caved and said that I would take them in. When I showed up to meet the two people that pulled them from the shelter, I found out that there were 4 dogs, not 3 and that they were all male and would probably have to be kept separated because they more than likely wouldn’t get along with each other.

More to come on the story of the “4 Texas Dogs”, as I’ve come to call them.


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